The Role of Audio in Media.

Do we actually need it? I never really thought about it until I decided to commit to being a part of the entertainment industry, but it has been a very crucial part of my life. I remember watching “Tom and Jerry” as a kid and enjoying the classical music they would run and fight to; and now when I watch the show I listen even deeper and appreciate the skill of the musicians. So, what is classified as media? Things like television shows,video games, websites, blogs, movies, and radio especially, are all forms of media. They are also forms of entertainment and advertisement, but what would those shows and ads be without music to accompany them and help convey their view to the listener.

Could you imagine every movie ever created without sound  Would the meow mix commercial be as popular without their signature jingle? Would films like the Italian job (original) or Star Wars have been as successful without their accompanying scores and sound effects. I think the sound is just as important as video in regards to a movie unless it’s a silent movie, (but who watches those anyway). Almost 90 percent of what you hear during a movie is done during post production in a studio. Things like explosions, talking, gunshots, an alien shooting an exploding gun, all help to make the viewer feel like a part of the film; and all that is done by a person in a studio mixing, mastering, and tweaking the audio. Audio in movies also help to tell the story or make you feel a certain emotion while your watching. If a film maker wanted to convey fear the audio person might mix in a low and eerie sound to aid the on-screen action.

Audio is also extremely important in today’s video games. This may have not been true back when it was just 8 bit music (old Mario games) but people still enjoyed hearing something. However, In today’s video games, audio is much more complex and sophisticated.Could you imagine a video game with beautiful graphics and no sound; no gunshots that send chills through you every time the trigger is pulled, or explosions that seem so real you can almost feel the shrapnel. It takes a person somewhere with a microphone and a recorder, and a person at a computer mixing, manipulating, and synthesizing this audio, so that whenever its played you feel immersed in the action


In all forms of media sounds can always enhance the emotional aspect because of some reason. In the radio industry audio is the most important aspect, how else could you experience radio? How else could they make money. I don’t think broadcasting fuzz would be very lucrative. In radio audio allows the listener to listen to relaxing music, a thought provoking conversation about Justin Beiber, or hear about some new life changing product that they’ll never need. Either way, without audio this would be impossible. Audio is one of the most important aspects of media, whether its a movie, video game or radio.


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